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Create a Development Network

A Developer Network (Developer Plan) is the least expensive mode to start with Forma. A developer account is a 2 organizations setup that you can easily manage to test your smart contracts and upgrade the code regularly.

Anything proposed to a developer network (new ledgers, smart contracts, destroying a network) is approved by default, streamlining your process in the easiest way.

To set up a Developer Network, while creating a new network enter the name of a Ghost organization (a dummy organization you can manage without the need of another user account).

With a Ghost organization, you can unilaterally manage the decisions of a network such as creating new ledgers, installing or upgrading smart contracts, and destroying the network.

How to

In the upper right corner, click on New network.

Fill the form accordingly by setting up your Network's name, select the blockchain technology for the network, and in the "Who" section type in the "Ghost organization name" a name to identify the other organization in your network that will be managed from your account.

This will create a proposal that is preapproved by the Ghost Organization. Just click on "I agree" to accept that a "Developer Plan" record will be created on your billing cycle, and proceed to Deploy it.

The installation may take some minutes, and you will get an email when the task is completed.

Made a mistake? Don't worry, click on "Remove proposal" and start again.

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