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Getting Started

Convector Suite

The Convector Suite is an Open Source Suite for Enterprise Blockchain Networks. It is composed of a group of Development tools for Hyperledger Fabric and aims to be an agnostic toolset.


These are the general pre-requisites to run Convector and Hyperledger Fabric:


Convector Suite main components are:

  • Convector Smart Contracts - JavaScript-based Development Framework for Enterprise Smart Contract Systems
    • Convector CLI - the fastest and easiest way to build a new Convector Smart Contracts project. It is fully integrated with Hurley as well.
  • Hurley - the easiest way to quickly set up your Hyperledger development environment. Instead of learning all the config files required and navigating tons of yaml files, just do hurl new and focus on your smart contract.

Convector Smart Contracts

Convector is a JavaScript-based Development Framework for Enterprise Smart Contract Systems. Its goal is to make it easier for developers to create, test and deploy enterprise-grade smart contract systems by abstracting complexities.


Hurley is the development environment toolset for blockchain projects. It supports Hyperledger Fabric and is being ported to support other chain technologies.

Try Convector

Since Convector Smart Contracts was architected to run on multiple platforms (blockchain frameworks, back-end, front-end) it is decoupled in such a way that it can even run in a front end for quick tests and getting familiar with it.

Online Playground

Try Convector Smart Contracts straight from your browser with this  StackBlitz example to get familiar with its components and core concepts here.

Create a new Convector project

You can add Convector Packages directly to a project created from scratch but the easiest way is to bootstrap a new project with Convector CLI.

npm i -g @worldsibu/convector-cli
conv new myproject -c mychaincode

Learn Convector

We have two main paths to learn about Convector for the very first time. 

Code Examples

We have built a group of repos with examples of use cases for Convector and common patterns such as unit tests, identity, backend integration, and so on.

Learn Hurley

Hurley was built to be a lightweight tool that works seamlessly as your development environment. The best way to get started with Hurley is by checking its readme page.

By default, any project created with Convector CLI will bring Hurley wired up and ready to be used.

Stay informed

Are you looking for an option to Hyperledger Composer?

Yes, we are also aware that Composer's development has experienced some changes and a lot of people are facing uncertainty. If you are one of the devs looking for a way to create smart contract systems with native chaincodes in JavaScript, you are in the right place. You may find this resource valuable on how to Migrate from Composer to Convector.


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