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Tutorial - Getting Started

This tutorial will walk you through the process of creating fullstack Enterprise smart contract systems with the Convector Suite.

There are some main steps we will take during the tutorial, in the end, you will build a fully functioning certified-attributes record system.

Before you start you should know:

Smart contract

We will design, code, test, and deploy a simple smart contract for creating people in a ledger and adding certified attributes.

Tutorial - Smart Contract


To create a backend to server your smart contracts to the outside world - Web apps, mobile apps, other services - we typically architect a simple web server.

There are two main ways of achieving this, build a backend manually which is more flexible and will help you understand every step necessary for building an API for your smart contract.

Tutorial - Back end

Or you can use the auto-generator convector-rest-api to get started quickly.

Beware that the convector-rest-api util is still under development.

Tutorial - Auto-generated Back end

User Interface

This is a work in progress.

Advanced topics

Working with CouchDB

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