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How to: Block Browser

You will need to add some configurations and copy some cryptographic material into the Block Browser project.

# Start your network if you haven't already
hurl new
# Clone the repo in a new folder
git clone https://github.com/worldsibu/byzantine-browser.git
cd byzantine-browser
npm install
cd ui
npm install
npm run build
cd ..
# Copy the required cryptographic materials
cp $HOME/hyperledger-fabric-network/.hfc-org1/* ./hfc-key-store

Add or edit the .env file in the root and paste the following:


Start the server running this ./runApiServer.sh in your console.

Now that it is running, head to http://localhost:4001 and include which channel you'd like to explore (with Hurley you may have more than one) - the default channel is ch1.

Beware that the tab " Metrics" will not work as it needs a chaincode installed to measure some metrics (which is irrelevant in a development environment).

You could even connect to its APIs and expose the blocks in your own project, using the server as a Microservice in your ecosystem.

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