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Explore the Blocks

There are two main ways to explore blocks as transactions happen:

  • The first one is using Hyperledger Explorer which is an officially incubated project from Hyperledger, quite powerful but with the downside that it's really heavy on configurations and requisites. Here's a guide to deploy it with Hurley.
  • The other option is a much more lightweight OSS project called Block Browser (it's not our project but we had to make a fork for it to support TLS).

Which one is the best for me?

Block Browser is really lightweight, simple on features, and can easily be connected to other networks whilst Hyperledger Explorer is much more complex and advanced on what it shows. 

The best way to choose one or the other is whether or not you need the large set of features that Hyperledger Explorer needs. As it even requires a database and other dependencies.

Pick your tool

Here's a guide to either option.

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